"Freedom for the Arabs - the Baghdad of the Future" - The Times (UK), 1917

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Siege of Khartoum, 1884 appropriates iconic images from the Iraq War  (such as the capture of Saddam, the tearing down of Saddam’s statue throughout public squares in Iraq, his spider hole) and combines them with archival news texts from earlier points in history. The texts come from the archives of The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph (UK) and The Times (UK). The articles range from the period of high empire (late 19th century) to the present day and depict the wars in the Philippines (1920s), Vietnam (1960s), Panama (1990s), and more. Unfolding as a game of pattern recognition, the posters present a visual and textual history of the narrative of conquest.


2006, 27 A1 photo-collage posters, archival ink-jet on Hahnemuehle paper

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